Round Seven: Day 11


I had to do this one at work so the colours and textures are a little different.



4 Responses to “Round Seven: Day 11”

  1. Greg G Says:

    Very nice chops, I assume.

  2. tim zombo Says:

    best poetry ever! Nudeman is looking a little like a faded university poetry lecturer diletante, whose heydey was 1970’s carlton.

    maybe thats cause of the cigarette and physique.

    The subtle colours make it a real pleasant reading experience off the compoota screen.

  3. Jo W Says:

    hoo! hooray! (the moderator suggested rehabbers needed more encouragement) go go go nudeman!

  4. Kirrily Says:

    He doesn’t have any ears in this one. Whoops.
    I like your description Tim, my brother said “He’s very laid back isn’t he”

    Yeah I like the papery look in this one too. I ‘m exploring my technique and at the same time trying to keep the “look and feel” consistent throughout the Nudeman series. Might have to branch out in my last few posts though.

    + The “hoo. hooray” works. ta.

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