Round Seven, Day 10


Heya! Sorry this is a day late. Scanning issues. No internet at home. The usual song and dance.

Again, there is a larger version of this at:


3 Responses to “Round Seven, Day 10”

  1. m pee f Says:

    proof that comics should be drawn before you leave the house for sure

  2. Leigh Says:

    harsh dude.

  3. tim zombo Says:

    komics should be drawn on trampolines in the backyard, carried through the living room and deposited in the nearest macdonalds.

    thats like a direct quote from will eisner or something.

    i’m always amazed at your subtle panel arrangment and how much it burns into the retina. this group of four panels is killer! Like theres nothing to the backgrounds to suggest the feel of the coffee shop but i am so there, like totally. And thats all carried by the panel shape and arrangement.

    Instinct, thats what makes drawing comiks on trampolines a reality.

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