Round Seven: Day 4


Well here it is, my first full page of comic artwork in years. Apologies for the crappy quality, theyre actually photos from my mobile phone as I don’t have access to a scanner at present.

This is from a Killeroo script submitted to me quite some time ago by a writer named Robin Shortt, it’s called “Urban Legends”.

The thing about this program is that the pressure forces you to move onto the next panel quickly, even when you’re not totally happy with it. I have issues with elements of every panel, things that don’t look right, inkwork that didn’t really come out the way I had intended, but at the same time there are a few things I like as well. I also learnt to read the script thoroughly, as last night I realised that Rufus is supposed to be handcuffed, but since you can’t see his hands I can still get away with that in later pages!

I guess what I’m most happy with is you can see the flow from establishing shot, to ute, to back of the ute, to Rufu’s head (I hope, you be the judge!). And while his posture is a bit weird, I quite like the texture on Rufus and the shading.

Onto page 2!



15 Responses to “Round Seven: Day 4”

  1. Wayne Nichols Says:

    Off to a niec start man! Great texture on the roo! perspectives a bit funky in first panel but what the hell! hehe

  2. Darren Close Says:

    perspective? that’s that thing you do with the rulers right? lol Yes I forsee a lot of ‘funky’ with this story! Cheers Wayne!

  3. Kirrily Schell Says:

    I love the last panel. It makes the roo look a bit creepy.

  4. L. Nichols Says:

    hahahahaha. perspective doesn’t have to involve rulers!! i tend to eschew them.

    i look forward to the rest of this story!

  5. John Retallick Says:

    This is gonna get nasty…

  6. Amber Says:

    Great work Darren! I’m amazed at how well the phone photos have turned out. Looks great.

  7. tim zombo Says:

    last panel roo looks spooky and intended (like the roo knows something we don’t)

    will be interested to see how rehab goes working from a pre-existing script.

  8. Darren Close Says:

    thanks folks. Lessons learnt from page one that have already improved page 2:

    – use photo reference for cars!
    – my hand-lettering sucks!
    – embrace the funky perspective!

  9. Darren Close Says:

    oh and tim I didn’t realise that I had to write the story as well as draw it in rehab, I guess I didn’t read the fine print! Hope it’s ok Amber.

  10. tim zombo Says:

    sorry didn’t mean to open canned worms and i am not against

  11. tim zombo Says:

    sorry didn’t mean to open canned worms and i am not against working from script just hadn’t seen it before in rehab thought it would be cool to see how it works….

    did not mean it as a negative…..

  12. Darren Close Says:

    didnt take it as a negative tim 🙂 no dramas.

  13. jason badower Says:

    Great energy on the page, Darren. Such an enjoyable flow to the layouts.

    When I’m in a rush I focus on anatomy, perspective and structure and throw excess rendering out the window.

    Good luck! Keep up the momentum!

  14. John Weeks Says:

    There was a rather simplistic film in the States based on the same idea called Kangaroo Jack.
    I don’t believe it made it to theatres in the great southern land; I think Parliament would have broken off diplomatic relations. USA would have cited Yahoo Serious as prior cause though.

  15. Darren Close Says:

    Actually John, it did make it to cinemas, and I had to go and see it just to see what similarities there might be. I wish I could get that 2 hours back.

    It’s actually what prompted the byline on Killeroo: Book Two – Bruckheimer must die

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