Round 7: Day 3



21 Responses to “Round 7: Day 3”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Aww he is so cute and I love the big shadows in the last panel. I love your style… ~sigh~

  2. tim zombo Says:

    anything nude is twice as good as not nude… “nude dad” was a running joke amongst friends here and twice as funny as any other dad joke… awwww, nude daaaad!

    the last panel people walking to town is knockout!

    yellow page is choice too!

    so glad rehab is back

  3. Greg G Says:

    Ooh… gorgeous!

    I hope he finds his hat.

  4. Darren Close Says:

    some really nice stuff Kirrily, an interesting style. Reminds me a little of Donald Brooker’s work.

  5. Greg G Says:

    Hey, I left a comment before and it went away.

    It was a really good one, too… v. encouraging and appreciative. Ah well. I hope the little fella finds his hat.

  6. Greg G Says:

    Oh, it’s back now – but apparently I didn’t write what I thought I did… I was sure it was longer!

  7. emma Says:

    beeaaaaudaful doll
    keep spreading the lurrve

  8. jane Says:

    oh, so lovely!

  9. ampersand duck Says:

    Well, I don’t know what our PM’s gonna make of nude men in the city… Looking forward to day 2!

  10. L. Nichols Says:

    your handwriting looks a lot like one of my friends’ handwriting.

    i really like the last scene on this one

  11. Elspeth Says:

    I love it I love it!!

  12. John Retallick Says:

    Very sweet nude dude.

  13. Cris Says:

    Nice one Kizza! 🙂

  14. Amber Says:

    Well done Kirrily! My kids love this – I’m guessing the penis has scored you bonus points 🙂

  15. Matt Taylor Says:

    go kirrily! i think i will check into rehab later in the year, inspiring. Right now am too high obviously to even see straight.

  16. Amelia Zaraftis Says:

    Kizza! What a whizza!
    I too especially love the last panel.
    And three belated cheers for ‘tomorrow’

  17. Kirrily Schell Says:

    ow ow ow – the pressure is on. Nudeman lost his lighter and went ambling away looking for it.. hopefully he’ll be back in a few days!

    + thanks

  18. John Weeks Says:

    Mumblier did ‘Nudeperheroes’… perhaps this is an alter ego?

  19. John Weeks Says:

    Mumblier did ‘Nudeperheroes’
    This could be the start of a new genre…

  20. Kirrily Says:

    “mumblier” is nice. (especially his little url icon). I’m not sure how a nude man with a dangly penis really works for me as an alter ego? *insert WTF expression* Think what you like. lol

  21. andrew Says:

    naked comics are the best kind of comics – until they get porny, then they’re pretty near the worst.

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