Artist Introduction: Nicola Hardy


Nicola Hardy is one of those kids who has been drawing forever. One of her kindergarten masterpieces depicts Kermit and Miss Piggy and hangs on the wall in her aunt’s house in Ulverstone, Tasmania. Although 31 years old, this crayon depiction of these classic Muppet lovers has really stood the test of time (actually it is possible this picture is holding the wall up).

An early blow came to her career when, at age 7, she was busted cutting up her mum’s Royal Family editions of the Women’s Weekly in an attempt to make a collage of a dog with the head of Lady Di.

Then a few other things happened, I won’t bore you with the details, but basically she became the rich and famous comic book star of today.

Oh no, hang on that’s not what happened.

Nicola has this list of things to do. Sometimes things disappear from the list when they get done and sometimes things disappear because they are no longer important. For the past 18 months the task “Re-Draw the Abalone comic” has been on the list. 18 months!!! What has she been doing??

Anyway, that’s going to have to be moved to the backburner once again because now she is in rehab. Having already watched 2 dvds, eaten almost a whole tub of Homer Hudson ice cream and a bowl of pasta, she’s ready to draw the best comic ever. It’s about a boy, some cheese and a posse of Dutch maidens and is inspired by a story told to her by a boy who lives in an igloo. (She was supposed to draw it for his birthday which was nearly 3 months ago).

Yeah. Best comic EVER!

One Response to “Artist Introduction: Nicola Hardy”

  1. AJ Says:

    Loving the story so far – keep it up!

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