Artist Introduction: Kirrily Schell


When I create comics I feel like I am completely ‘in tune’.  I love the form of the comic, though I feel I have not explored certain aspects to their full potential. More recently I have been creating drawn illustrations and exploring the digital ‘affect’ on my work, this has also been the case with my comics. The attraction of Comic Artist Rehab lies in the prospect of being pulled along on an inky journey with 3 other comic[k]ers and indeed with all of the preceding ‘rehabilitated’. A toe in the pie is one thing but a neat little forum for stitching together all of those floaty endless sketches and thoughts is just what I need.

Examples of my work can be seen online

2 Responses to “Artist Introduction: Kirrily Schell”

  1. fayen Says:

    i like to see you skipping so lightly

  2. John Weeks Says:

    One of the handful of artists I know whose off-the-cuff works I enjoy just as much as the ‘premeditated’ ones, if not more. This will be fun!

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