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Round 6 -Day 16

April 16, 2008


Round 6 – Day 15

April 15, 2008

Almost finished with this story! The conclusion will be in the next set of four. And then I guess I will start something else…

Round six – Day fourteen

April 14, 2008

Oi! Down to the wire on this one. 8 minutes past midnight!

p.s. i hope you all don’t think i’m a horrible person after this! i’m not malicious… i just have a horrible imagination.

Round 6: Day 13

April 13, 2008

Round Six -Day 12

April 11, 2008

Round 6 – Day 11

April 10, 2008

I just realised that the doctor looks a little like Kevin Rudd our Prime Minister, except he doesn’t have a beehive hairdo. Totally unintentional.

Round Six – Day Ten

April 10, 2008

OK. so I only sort of failed this week. I managed a 4 panel comic, but not a continuation of the “Dreams of Flying and Falling.” This is due to the fact that I just have been so darn busy that the only place I can make comics is in a sketchbook and not at my drafting table. Boo! I hope to be back to DoFaF next time! For now, though, I hope you enjoy this one.

How I feel about spring

Round 6: Day 9

April 9, 2008

Round Six -Day Eight

April 7, 2008

Tried to draw a smug look in the second panel to no avail. Also tried for guilt in the last but only got to sad. But it’s been really interesting to try. I have such the urge to look up an old cartoon drawing book from the 50s to practice.

Round Six – Day Seven

April 7, 2008

I have only just managed to get this post in!

It’s actually a very busy time at home right now, we have renovations happening, shows to see comedy festival happening and for some reason I decided to make orange marmelade on the weekend. But I’m pleased that I still got this comic done.

I decided that I would give this an ink wash, otherwise it was going to be too busy and flat.