Round 6 Day 27


Last post – thanks for all the encouraging comments over the past month, much appreciated.

Hope you enjoy this one!


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9 Responses to “Round 6 Day 27”

  1. Fiona Says:

    I love it

  2. annemarie levin(pippilotta longstocking) Says:

    cute! and the Egg chair is a Danish friend of mine, I like the drawing of it!

  3. Juliette Hughes Says:

    You go from strength to strength! Please send this one to the Age! I am sure they would love it if they have a brain in their heads.

  4. liezl Says:

    Wonderful and thoughtful drawings again! I really hope that you keep on drawing and creating.

  5. Lucille Says:

    It’s not just the fabulous drawings, it’s the uniquely penetrating yet gentle thoughts you express through and with them. Congratulations Vanessa!

  6. Anthony Puffin Says:

    Well done! Sadly you missed my favourite chair – the Eames chair. Never mind, just keep drawing. A

  7. Emily Says:

    Where can we find you after this? I must know.

  8. John Retallick Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your work. So light and uplifting. You have a real knack for setting a contemplative mood and humour that sits lightly with your images.

  9. lf Says:

    Hey! I liked your work a lot, hope to keep seeing your comics on line!

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