Round 6 – day 19


I apologise that I have left my Poupee story at a cliff hanger and now when it’s time for final chapter I have posted something quite different. I just didn’t get the time these last four days…I’m still half way through it but it will be ready by Wednesday when I post next.

For those not familiar with Melbourne all the places are suburbs in my rough vacinity.


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5 Responses to “Round 6 – day 19”

  1. Emily Says:

    Love it. And I would like Tilly’s gift please, thank you.

  2. Anthony Puffin Says:

    Moira looks like my friend Tracy, Astrid reminds me of Pris from Blade Runner & Peta scares the hell out of me. I’ll take Astrid’s leftovers, if one can meditate “moderately deeply”.

    A xx

  3. L. Nichols Says:

    when i first saw this, i was like, who is this?! as i was expecting poupee. but good job! i like the style changeup.

    those are some great prizes, too. my wife has the joy of being delighted by mundane things; it’s great!

  4. Vanessa Hutchinson Says:

    Poupee will be back on Wednesday.

    Lucky Winners is quick option. I have to say I love doing it. I was a bit tired when I posted it and didn’t write more about it. I have a lot of fun inventing those prizes. I did a page of Lucky Winners in my zine Spark. Initially I wanted people to send in their photos so I could draw them and describe their prize but I haven’t had any response yet.

    Nevertheless I’m thinking of doing a whole zine of Lucky Winners and selling it in my Etsy shop and at the fabulous Melbourne zine shop Sticky

    L. you should send your zines there! They like getting international zinesters sending their stuff in.

  5. Juliette Hughes Says:

    Your drawing is so eloquent. The faces are individual yet you have caught their neediness and self-display in a compassionate yet ironic way. Keep them coming!

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