Round 6 – Day 15


Almost finished with this story! The conclusion will be in the next set of four. And then I guess I will start something else…


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9 Responses to “Round 6 – Day 15”

  1. L. Nichols Says:

    oh man! i want to know what happens!
    i really like these ambition comics. good job!

  2. Anthony Puffin Says:

    Ah, who could it be…
    Well, if we can have a GG called Quentin & she’s a woman, we can have anything.

  3. Malcolm Says:

    Your cartoons are very mind stimulating and I am anxious to get some of this ambition stuff. When is it going to released for sale to the public? Or do I have to wait for you to finish this series?

  4. Liezl Says:

    How is this all going to end, I wonder. I am totally intrigued!

    The drawings in this post seem to have really grown in depth and substance. Well done, Vanessa!

  5. Tamzin Says:


  6. Vidi Says:

    The suspense is killing me…

  7. Emily Says:

    I love how the others donate their extra ambition!

  8. John Retallick Says:

    are you getting Peter Costello’s left over ambition?

  9. adi Says:

    i so look forward to these!
    they work so well as a sequential kinda thing. i love the suspense.
    i think once rehab is over you should continue doing poupĂ©e comics in this blog format, they are just great, and i reckon from the looks of things lots of people would be interested….

    mega fan, adi

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