Round six – Day fourteen


Oi! Down to the wire on this one. 8 minutes past midnight!

p.s. i hope you all don’t think i’m a horrible person after this! i’m not malicious… i just have a horrible imagination.



5 Responses to “Round six – Day fourteen”

  1. adi Says:

    heh heh
    lovely work.
    i totally understand the horrible imagination thing. if we could be busted for our dark and violent thoughts i;d be serving 18 consecutive life sentences. But i’m really sweet as pie.

  2. John Retallick Says:

    I get that urge too. I think it’s the mark of a curious mind – curious and slightly discturbed!

    I have a friend who can’t stand near the edge of things and who doesn’t like bridges or balconies because she feels like she wants to jump off! Other than these little irrational urges she’s perfectly normal almost all of the time.

  3. L. Nichols Says:

    i’m glad i’m not the only one!

  4. Emily Says:

    pushing people, driving off cliffs and screaming in church. yep, i love your comic this week

  5. L. Nichols Says:

    thanks emily!

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