Round Six – Day Ten


OK. so I only sort of failed this week. I managed a 4 panel comic, but not a continuation of the “Dreams of Flying and Falling.” This is due to the fact that I just have been so darn busy that the only place I can make comics is in a sketchbook and not at my drafting table. Boo! I hope to be back to DoFaF next time! For now, though, I hope you enjoy this one.

How I feel about spring


One Response to “Round Six – Day Ten”

  1. Vanessa Hutchinson Says:

    This is a really sweet comic. I love the way you’ve written the title and that it’s an observation. I really like short comics like that.
    I like the button eyes I’m wondering what your proxy can see with those particularly.

    And don’t say you’ve failed – we all get a bit busy and you’ve still managed to put something up that has four panels 🙂


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