Round Six – Day Seven


I have only just managed to get this post in!

It’s actually a very busy time at home right now, we have renovations happening, shows to see comedy festival happening and for some reason I decided to make orange marmelade on the weekend. But I’m pleased that I still got this comic done.

I decided that I would give this an ink wash, otherwise it was going to be too busy and flat.


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17 Responses to “Round Six – Day Seven”

  1. Caroline Says:

    It pleases me greatly that both ‘people in trees’ and ‘stripey pants’ are found in this comic. It’s edging painfully close to home, but I’m looking forward to finding out what happens 😉

  2. Anthony Puffin Says:

    Be very careful about cat-tea-ness. An infusion of puss can end in catastrophe.

  3. Juliette Hughes Says:

    It’s so beautiful! I love your leaves, and the figures are so alive. Don’t stop making these lovely things!

  4. Vidi Says:

    Ohhh you are a clever wee chicken.
    Hey that is a bit like an NLP question dont you think…

  5. L. Nichols Says:

    this is great!

  6. polly and chris Says:


  7. MALCOLM Says:

    I think its all about clever Ness, and what insight is revealed in the artistic talents expressed.

  8. tim zombo Says:

    wow those trees are magnificent, and it all ends with a positive affirmation! does that mean the transfusion is beginning to take?

    that first panel has so much depth and space, i fell a bit transfixed by it.

    the banjo character is kind of a textural match to the tree, with his hat and pants… he seems to be ‘of nature’ where as poupee’s relentless line sits above everything, not quite a part of the tree. Struggle on, poupee!

    the wash was definately worth it.


  9. inks Says:

    This is great! I have a hankering for orange marmalade now. I love ‘pondersome’ comics.

  10. adi Says:

    i love your tree.
    and i would also like to compliment you on your lovely handwriting.

  11. Emily Says:

    I want to go to this tea party! The cat pot and the perfect man, sigh.

  12. Melissa Says:

    Your drawing is beautiful Vanessa. I also love your tree.

  13. adam Says:

    how did the marmalade turn out?

  14. Lucille Says:

    I wonder if the little picture hanging on the tree is a mirror or a window into chaotic possibility – and is the name Poupee a little doll which has been invested with the owner’s feelings, or maybe a play on the word pupa, a chysalis which might turn into a magnificent butterfly. I like the sense of anxiety Poupee has – everything in the picture is so still and peaceful but you want her to get out of there.

  15. Jem Says:

    The picture on the tree looks like the tree.. something mundane about that.. something inescapable, it looks like a vortex maybe? Keep up the great work!

  16. Vanessa Hutchinson Says:

    Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments!

    The marmalade is ok – a little bit runny but quite delicious. I included rosewater and cardamom to make it more yum.

  17. Annie Says:

    Love the tree tea party, very appealing, looks as if the transfusion could be transformation/ I’ll be watching.

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