Round Six -Day Eight


Tried to draw a smug look in the second panel to no avail. Also tried for guilt in the last but only got to sad. But it’s been really interesting to try. I have such the urge to look up an old cartoon drawing book from the 50s to practice.



6 Responses to “Round Six -Day Eight”

  1. John Retallick Says:

    I think you captured smug pretty well.

    That’s a pretty good power you got there. Beats my one of never completely stopping at a set of lights when driving from work to home at night!

  2. Amberrrr Says:

    Boobs are just amazing! Well done Emily!

  3. L. Nichols Says:

    this is wonderful! i think you did a good job at getting a smug look. the last panel does look sad. you’re right! though, guilt and sadness are rather close as far as facial expressions go, so i wouldn’t feel bad about it! good job!

    i [heart] pinot

  4. adam Says:

    it’s smug. i could tell it was smug.

    my wife says that when she’s pregnant (we have one and another on the way) all wine tastes like flyspray.

    bring on solid food!

  5. Vanessa Hutchinson Says:

    It’s great what real bosoms can do! Great story, very succinct and fits perfectly into four panels. An look your drawing has already improved. The more you draw the better you become. Get an old 50s cartoon drawing book and have fun!

  6. Emily Says:

    Thanks for all the great comments! I’ll keep keeping at it.

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