Round 6 day 3


round-6-day3.jpgHi there comic readers and rehab supporters

Here’s my first post!

On the doctor’s bench you see my principal character Poupee. I’ve been drawing her for about 10 or so years. She sort of emerged from a first year sculpture project where we were asked to create an anamorphic self-portrait. It’s hard to explain how she emerged, considering the anamorphic self-portrait was sculptural and made of fabric (last seen as cushion on a student couch), but emerge she did. I drew her initially for relaxation on the way home from Uni. Increasingly she became more important and the conceptual sculpture less important.
I consider her a kind of proxy; the stories she features in are generally philosophical and she interacts with the abstract and symbolic.

I intended to embellish this with black ink wash, but my partner and house mate both said leave it.


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12 Responses to “Round 6 day 3”

  1. adi Says:

    I like!
    I agree that it works very well just as black and white inkiness, wash free, which could perhaps look a little ‘overcooked’
    look forward to seeing more of your stuff!

  2. Amberrrr Says:

    Lovely work. Am really into the black hands.

  3. L. Nichols Says:

    i have my own little proxy that emerged somehow in all my doodles. funnily enough, a little ragdoll-type person, though i’ve never actually sewn one in real life.

    also, i LOVE the doctor’s hair!

  4. comicrehab Says:

    I love this– I need an ambition transfusion!

  5. dom Says:

    nice one!!

  6. Emily Says:

    I love all the detail -like the snakes licking a lolly!

  7. Vanessa Hutchinson Says:

    Thanks for all the comments – it’s very encouraging.

    L – you might already know Poupee means doll in French. She was always called that before I knew what it mean. Weird coincidence!

  8. Elise Says:

    about time! i want to see more, keep me updated. cheers hon XOXOXO

  9. Fiona B-ware Says:

    Truly wonderful Vanessa…
    I’m tickled by Poupee’s thoughtful comments. She is wise and worldly – like her proxy.
    The explanation has given new meaning to the little Poupee piece that resides on the mantle in my bedroom.

    Like i said…tickled!

  10. Tamzin Says:

    Made me chuckle. A thoughtful character and visually ‘clean’. Good stuff! Tamzin

  11. tim zombo Says:

    the doctors hands are so small but expressive in the middle two panels.

    housemates and partners are in rehab too? excellent, like britny and k-fed in rehab together.

  12. LyNed Says:

    Nessie – I love the doctor’s gothic whimsical hairdo and the cameo of the icy-pole snakes on the wall. Poupee looks really disturbed in the last frame. Lack of ambition is a disturbing condition I guess.

    I love it.

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