Round 6 – Day 2


I decided that I would try color for rehab, seeing as I don’t often use it.

Background: I went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for my undergrad/grad degrees. There is a mailing list on campus called “reuse” where people will email about items that they’re giving away, free for the taking. There’s also this “reuse-dreams” mailing list, where people can subscribe and then read the dreams of everyone who writes an email about their dreams to that list. This is a dream from there, by one of my friends. When I first read it, I could almost see the images in my head, so I did my best to give my visual interpretation of his words. I think it will be about 8 or 9 pages in total, so a little longer than my time at rehab; I’m hoping I keep on the same schedule after my time anyway, but I guess we’ll get there when we get there. Aaaaanyway… a big thanks to Shervin Fatehi for letting me use his dream.

Round 6 - Day 2

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8 Responses to “Round 6 – Day 2”

  1. Vanessa Hutchinson Says:

    Nice work. Good for you – moving outside your comfort zone and into colour. I was wondering if I should do the same for my first post but colour is still too scary.

    Great idea too – I love reading about dreams and dreamwork. They are a good place to start if you are a bit blocked – not that I’ve had any dreams I can remember for a while.

  2. Emily Says:


  3. Amberrrr Says:

    This is great. I’m reminded of my old mate Jesse Reklaw. Can we talk technique? What are you using?

  4. comicrehab Says:

    I used a rapidograph pen (0.5mm nib) for the lines. And for the colors, it’s watercolor. All on vellum bristol board.

  5. L. Nichols Says:

    also, thanks! glad you guys like it.

  6. comicrehab Says:

    That’s really good- nice drawing skill you have there!

  7. L. Nichols Says:

    Thanks! I’ve been drawing since I was five. It would be sad if I hadn’t developed the ability to somewhat move a pen around a page by now. Though, in all honesty, it wasn’t until maybe two, three years ago that I drew anything I was actually happy with. I guess what I’m saying is… 20 years of practice! And I still think I have a LOT of room to grow!

  8. tim zombo Says:

    flying dreams are excellent.


    the colours are intsely dream like, have you heard from the dreams owner? i think it would be spooky if the imagery was close, like deja-vu.

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