Artist Introduction: Vanessa Hutchinson



My story is sad – a lovely creative life laid waste by procrastination and perfectionism. My parents never wanted me to do a real job and always supported my artistic interests. But somehow I cast aside my dreams and ended up working for the man.

I work full time as a graphic designer making magazines for an industry I don’t really care about; the only job satisfaction I have is through my phone doodles and lunchtime drawing at a near-by cafe. I slip illustrations into the magazines where I can, but it’s not enough.

I have enjoyed reading and creating comics for most of my life. When I was 9 or 10 I drew the Adventures of Vampire Bunny for my East German pen-friend because I thought that she wasn’t able to get comic books behind the Iron Curtain. I drew comics at university, during lectures and on the tram home. I was studying Sculpture but really should have been in Drawing, my first love. During that time I got hold of the work of Jim Woodring and that was when I decided that comic art was for me. But ten years later I am nowhere near my vaguely imagined goal.

I live in West Brunswick, Melbourne with my partner Jim and our dog Felix. Both are very supportive. But I need rehab to help get me back on track and reconnect me with a creative community. I feel isolated and out of touch. We have chucked out our television and I am ready to go.



2 Responses to “Artist Introduction: Vanessa Hutchinson”

  1. L. Nichols Says:

    my partner and I don’t have a TV, either! everyone thinks we’re nuts for that. I say I’m just more likely to be productive.

  2. askii Says:

    as a long-time fan of your work, i’m thrilled to hear you’re on the mend!

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