Artist Introduction: L. Nichols



My name is L. Nichols, and I’m a chronic procrastinator. Always 10 minutes, 30 minutes, a day, a week, a semester, years … late. In no area of my life does this become more frustrating to me than in my comics, which is why I’ve decided that rehab is for me. I’ve been drawing since I was five, attempted my first comic in 2001, but didn’t really start drawing comics seriously until 2004. Over the past few years, I’ve managed to put a few collections of sketchbook comics together into mini comics (available on etsy) and have recently been making an effort to keep my work updated on flickr and livejournal. However, I still have days and weeks where sometimes I just don’t produce any comics. Since I’ve been wanting to work on longer-scale comics outside of my sketch books, and since I seem to be lacking in the self-discipline to work consistently on a project, I’m hoping that rehab will kick my butt into high gear with a healthy dose of deadlines.


One Response to “Artist Introduction: L. Nichols”

  1. Mike55 Says:


    I accidently found this site… i like yout stuff a lot. the boy above is soooo cool. i’m not talented and i can’t draw AT ALL but can you give me some tipps (a link to a good tutorial?) how i can learn the technical stuff? I’m a creative person and need a way to express myself. i think drawing is wonderful, because you can do it everywhere and anytime 🙂

    thanks in advance

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