Round 5: Day 26


Vegatarian warning: meat heavy comic below




3 Responses to “Round 5: Day 26”

  1. adam Says:

    i like the red. speaking as an apostate vegetarian, this is a very tasty comic. Duck was the one meat that made me think that I might not be able to become a vego back when I started being vego over ten years back. i could never say no to duck. i got quite hooked on the fake buddhist meat duck stuff for a few years there. fake duck is tast-ee…

  2. adi Says:

    hmmm duck. i can still taste it.
    i posted this in such a hurry i just noticed i didn’t colour lots of areas properly…. should repost….

  3. Ed Says:

    The alertness of the duck in the first panel juxtaposes with the slumped figure that has gorged itself on its dead body in the diagonally opposite panel.

    Again, in the top right panel, the distinct elements of the wrap must be mashed together into mmmoosh with some wine in a self centered feeding focus that contracts into the itis of the final portrait.

    Can be used to advertise ducks, wraps, indigestion and poo tablets, overeaters anonymous and possibly a vegan diet.

    An excellent product! Next!

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