Round 5: Day 14



So this is a dream I really had on tuesday night. I’m going to Canada later in the year and have been having lots of conversations about bears…… yikes.



3 Responses to “Round 5: Day 14”

  1. Sam Says:

    I’m going to Canada too this year. I love this. Your stuff goes from strength to strength Adi. Looking forward to the rest. Are we halfway through now?

  2. adam Says:

    Ooh. Kind of a Brothers Grimm Goldilocks thing. I love the silhouetted bear in the last panel.

  3. tim zombo Says:

    Bears only kill that weird guy who lived with them to close. I think they did it under direction from werner herzog.

    I like the lines and the overall prelim-for-a-final-comic feel of it. Man your drawings sharp if thats a rough drawn straight to the page thing.

    And that b&w design sense is real punchy (good).

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