Round Five: Comic Thirteen (13)


Though this is comic thirteen, I think my last comic was my unlucky one. Hopefully this one won’t get pulled in a few hours. Thanks to Schulz, Herge, Danko and Tim Burton.comic5.jpg


5 Responses to “Round Five: Comic Thirteen (13)”

  1. Anthony Woodward Says:

    Pity I didn’t get to read the last one. This one’s great, I love it!

  2. adam Says:

    hey sam – you don’t think that a story about tim danko and nazi assassins with cameos by andy warhol is a little… weird? ; ) i joke cos i love

  3. Sam Says:

    It is super weird… but there are no robots. Love you man.

  4. adam Says:

    you and i should team up and write a comic about nazi robots.

  5. Sam Says:

    Adam, you’re a genius… we should do it and publish it in time for the TINA zine fair. You do the robots, I do the nazis? I’m being serious by the way.

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