Round Five: Comic Nine (9)


WARNING: The comics below are very likely to offend. Do not continue reading if you are easily offended. The offending images include Nazis and the skin disease psoriasis and offensive language. Thanks must be extended once more to the following whose images were appropriated: Charles Schulz, Herge, David Shrigley and Tim Danko. There are also some unknowns. If people would like to post a comment if they know the person/comic, it would be much appreciated by myself and other readers.



14 Responses to “Round Five: Comic Nine (9)”

  1. comicrehab Says:

    Again, comics will be available in a larger, readable size at my blog…

  2. adamatsya Says:

    is that tim’s animated gif christmas card?

  3. tim zombo Says:

    my psiriosis (however you gdmn spell it) isn’t at that photo/singing detective levels yet. do like all those images that might be me…. those men are kieran mangan and aaron o’donnell….. a little bit of my animated xmas card is used as my rehab/lifestyle avatar….

    i found it all strangely inoffensive but excellent whirl of references and some kind of story emerging. Lachlan wanted by comic nazis… churrr!!!

    is good how it all hangs together by the barest threads (visually), like you think it shouldn’t but it does. A delicate dance, very walserian!

    man the nazis liked to dress up.

  4. Amberrrr Says:

    About an hour ago I was contacted regarding the unauthorised use of a copyrighted image in this comic.

    As the image was used without permission I’ve had no choice but to remove the page in question.

    After some thought I decided to remove the rest of the comic too considering the many other instances where this occurred *and* the context in which they were being used.

    I really don’t like the idea of censoring this site but, as artists, I think we should probably be sensitive to the intellectual property rights of other artists.

  5. tim zombo Says:

    wow…. i never had that happen (someone complain)… the rehab site was mentioned/linked to on comics reporter web site
    ( due to me saying “hey this is what we are doing down here” to tom spurgeon in an email. hope i haven’t unconciously instigated this.

    Its a tuff call, can you make jokes about the nazis or whoever you like (herge, schulz)? I guess it comes down to an individual artists moral-line. I’d think hard about it but just examine and be sure about my motivations about doing it. I didn’t think Sam was intending to be malicious or mean in anyway.

    maybe i’m reading it all wrong, but it didn’t make me feel like “hey you’re crossing a line there…”

    does that mean other people are watching? jeepers….

  6. Sam Says:

    Well, well, well. Today I was diagnosed as Bipolar and my comics are removed from this website. I will create a new, censored version. What a pity, but flattery of a kind. Who was it that emailed you Amber? I can understand if you can’t reveal in this public space – but maybe you should email me.

  7. Amberrrr Says:

    Hi Sam! I emailed you early in the arvo but my mail account has been playing up a bit. Will try again now.

  8. Sam Says:

    Apparently it was John Weeks who had the comics pulled. He is a friend of a friend. I hope he has the decency to explain his decision here – because there is a good one behind it – and though I disagree with censorship, absolutely, and this is CENSORSHIP in its ugliest form – he had a hard decision to make and he went with the right choice. In the future I’d like to be contacted first before my comics are pulled. That’s just common courtesy.

    I will consider my position over the next few days, but I might have to pull out of Comic Rehab all together after this disgusting debacle.

    Yours sincerely,
    Sam Twyford-Moore

  9. Amberrrr Says:

    In my defence I felt compelled to act quickly. The image in question was being used without permission and I had received a request to remove it.

    The decision to remove the other panels – part hysteria, part caution.

    Have re-posted panels 1 -3. I’ll spare you the agonizing internal dialogue. Would love to see a revised panel four, Sam.

  10. John Weeks Says:

    In a nutshell, content sourced from me had potential to offend third parties (not corporations or dead cartoonists, but real people). I couldn’t find Sam’s email so I contacted Amber, who later put me in touch with Sam. I’d like to thank Sam and Amber for being considerate regarding my friends and feelings.

    john [via] comicslifestyle [dot] com.

  11. tim zombo Says:

    feel free to use me however you like sam, or any likeness of me or my work or something i breathed on or call me a nazi…. communist terrorist, just dont call me a graphic novellist!

    its a tough call (for amber, i feel for you as moderator) at compooter school we had a copyright lawyer come to talk to us and even he couldn’t give us a straight answer, he said its tested on a case by case basis. a painter made a barely recognizable a painting from a photo and the photographer sued and won. Obviously i could be doing 20 to life based on my first two or three comics alone.

    I hope sam keeps going as i have enjoyed his entries immensley.

  12. comicrehab Says:

    I’m glad you put the revised panel up Sam. – Amber

  13. tim zombo Says:

    me too, glad its up again, but i would have preffeerrd “nazi-sympathiser”….

    …hope your not too bummed to continue, i want to see where this goes.

  14. Sam Says:

    I’ve got a little plot happening now, involving killer Nazi assassins and double crosses.

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