Round Five: Day 3





6 Responses to “Round Five: Day 3”

  1. comicrehab Says:

    hey this is really lovely. and sad.

  2. Sam Says:

    I like this. I’m keen to see where it goes. Not exactly Walserian, but not bad either.

  3. fikaris Says:

    Bland as fuck…
    beautiful artform!

  4. tim zombo Says:

    oh its walserian alright! fragmentary imaginary landscapes, he did that too.

    i’d like to see it bigger but i like that its faraway. makes neales ‘lots o lines’ look like 3D greytone.

  5. John Weeks Says:

    I like the lines. There was something about Neale’s very early work that reminded me of 90’s Simon Gane strips, it had a similar kind of in-your face raw flatness to it… this is a more refined Bland.

  6. Q ray Says:

    I want to walk around in here.

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