Round Five: COMIC FIVE


2_elvis_studio.jpgsammyharkham.jpgthere-will-be-linus.jpgwalserian.jpgThanks must be extended to Tim Danko, for use of his name and the term Walserian. Thanks, of course, also to the following artists who, unknowingly, have had their images appropriated Lachlan Conn, Robert Walser, Charles Schultz, Dan Clowes, Chester Brown, Sammy Harkham, Anders Nilsen, Peter Rigozzi, Mandy Ord, Adi Firth, Adrian Tomine, Wong Kar Wai, Paul Thomas Anderson, Daniel Day-Lewis, David Collier, Anthony Woodward, Robert Crumb, David Heatley and the ever so majestic Paper Rad. I love comics. Coming soon: PERFECT COMICS FOREVER by Robert Walser.


13 Responses to “Round Five: COMIC FIVE”

  1. John Weeks Says:

    Choice. Larger size option for readability would be handy.
    When you say Dylanesque, I assume you mean Dylan Horrocks?

  2. tim zombo Says:

    fuckn’ WAAAHHHOOOO!!! That is excellent! ….a circular feast. i love that everything that was commented on your first round bit is responded to with this one. like a proper conversation.

    visually for me it feels like joy.

    waasnt it bob dylanesque? I don’t care really. The perfect comic approaches.

    You know ‘walserian’ was meant as a compliment on my part? I love that you made it big with schroeder there dwarfed by it. My favourite image.

    Don’t be nervous.


  3. comicrehab Says:

    John, I’ll post a larger version on my blog…
    Amber wanted us to stick with the 450pixels for these posts, because it’s a nice fit I think. It does mean you can’t read the text though.

    Thanks for your super response Tim Zombo… or is that Danko? Obviously, your comix are a HUGE influence. I’ve loved them since Rigozzi gave em to me years ago. Woah, reminiscing.

  4. Amberrrr Says:

    Re image size I think you should be able to upload the image and select ‘full size’ and ‘link to file’ as the two image options. Then it will appear 450 but if you click on it it will load the full size in a new window.

    Oh, and WAHOOOOOOO indeed! I love.

  5. comicrehab Says:

    i would also love to have a closer perv.

  6. Sam Says:

    Big boy visions of the above comic are only available via my blog

    Amber I did link to files but the above are the original size. I’ll think about doing something different next time, because the next comic is text heavy.

  7. Anthony Woodward Says:

    Thanks for the propz dohg 😉

  8. Amberrrr Says:

    Hey, who’s work is that in colour behind ‘this comic be tripping dowgz’? Curious…

  9. Sam Says:

    Why that’s the poster before you… Mr. Anthony Woodward.

  10. fikaris Says:

    real nice to see a combinatin of aust and abroad champs here
    most art lovin ‘book comic’ readers abroad and otherwise (if they ever see this site) would surely be scratching their head and wondering by know(i hope) who is this lachlan conn?…

    even a photo from my laughin skulls launch at forepaw too. you there thet nite?

  11. Sam Says:

    No. I live in Sydney unfortunately. But I’m coming down for the next one. See you there?

  12. Rigozzi Says:

    Hey Sam, good work. Any chance of a peek at the originals when I get back to Syd?
    How’s the writing anthology coming along? Any word back from the grant people yet?

  13. comicrehab Says:

    Hey Rigozzi, except for the first post, you are looking at the originals.

    Anthology is early, early days. Did I ask you if you’d like to come on as comics editor yet?

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