Round Five: Day One





15 Responses to “Round Five: Day One”

  1. Amberrrr Says:

    omg. this is so cool… in so many ways… i *love*

  2. John Weeks Says:

    What a rude boy.

  3. comicrehab Says:

    Thanks Amber. Thanks John, I was in Cambodia almost exactly a year ago and Miss Helen wanted to meet up with you, but maybe next year. I’m doing the Indo-China thing and then Europa. I loved your comics.

  4. adam Says:

    holy crap the round starts like an orchestral thunderclap! wall of sound comics yah!

    i like how you reversed Mandy’s name to make it mostly black, like her comics are.

    i have never read punkin moon. what’s it about?

  5. adam Says:

    gauntlet: thrown.

  6. tim zombo Says:

    is this walserian? or is it too grandious (thats not a bad thing) to be walser, maybe wagnerian? is crazy and i like it interested to see where it goes.

    geeez adam, you don’t know amy winehouse or punkin moon (first part was in pure evil 6, the square bound one) you is seriously without cultural reference points, whats going on over there?

    thrilling to see something i experienced first hand to be used as a cultural touchstone. I guess john did call one of mikals rounds “dankoesque”.
    Is that a bad thing?

  7. adam Says:

    what can i say? i live in the country. i’ll go dig PE 6 from the bungalow, have a look.

    if nothing else, CAR has proven to be a cultural education.

  8. comicrehab Says:

    Hey, thanks everyone. Big thanks to Adam. I’ve been into yourself since Heat (great magazine) printed your pulp manifesto. I have to get a copy of that. I used to photocopy and give it to my senior students. Yr comic in Conceived on a tram was my favourite, which was surprising because I didn’t associate you with comics. Plus Leigh Rigozzi was in there.

  9. adam Says:

    hey sam, cheers. set the frickin’ bar, why don’t you?

    Manifesto is online for all to love and print out whenever they want – right here:

  10. comicrehab Says:

    I don’t mean to scare you or nothing dude. But, uh… you ain’t seen nothing yet. Seriously, the next comic shits on the first. It’s like what I imagine Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone would be like as a comic, or that show 30 Rock or Arrested Development, or Hell, There Will Be Blood as a comic (gives me an idea). Get ready to have your mind blown Adam Ford!

  11. comicrehab Says:

    okay i’m ready.

    tim, i’m too scared to ask what “walserian” means, but I’ll ask anywa.

  12. tim zombo Says:

    robert walser was a swiss writer (1878 – 1956) who is kinda hard to describe the effect his stuff achieves. There is delay like the first line of his novel “the robber” (“Edith loves him. More on this later” which he never quites get to!) and also inserting himself into the narrative, quoting and re-assimilating ‘penny dreadfuls’ he was reading into his writing. whole lot of amazing stuff going on.

    None of this really adequately describes the effect. Kind of like reading and being read all at once. A joyous whirlpool that whips you into the heights of his ecstasy and the depths of his despair.

    he stopped writing in 1933, died on christmas day 1956. One of the early reviews described kafkas first book as “a special case of the Walser type.”

    most of the stuff about him being insane (he entered an asylum in 1929 until he died in 1956) is totally discounted. He is now regarded as “among the most important writers of literary modernism.”

    or something like that.

    i reckon he’s ace…

  13. fikaris Says:

    oh hey
    dint you forget to thank lachlan?

    fun stuff here too
    great to see!

  14. Q ray Says:

    Well, this changes everything

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