Rehab Exit Interview: Bernard Caleo


1. Briefly describe your experience at comic artist rehab:

Being part of CBR really focussed the month of February, comic-making-wise. Loved the feeling of always tinkering with possibilities for the next one, then diving in and making one.

2. What, if anything, did you learn from the program?

That my energy for comics is not unlike that which I have for performing: it thrives on the short burst of work. I’ve always thought that they were completely distinct from one another: now, not so sure.

3. Which one of your own comics are you most pleased with and why?

Nose Biter“, because it has the best acting.

4. Which one of your own comics are you least pleased with and why?

Meanwhile, Elsewhere“: although I do like it quite a lot, it’s a bit overstuffed with horsehair. It’s been very instructive reading the amount of air, of openness, in Alice’s strips and the degree of perspective-on-self humour in Cassandra’s.

5. Do you hope to keep up drawing comics after rehab? If so, how often.

Aw, yeah: as stated at the beginning, really want to get things re-started on “I Knew Him”. Certainly it has provoked much more ‘casual’ drawing, drawing becoming more of an everyday thing.

6. Any suggestions for future rounds?

This may be a wordpress thing, but is it possible to call up all of one artist’s strips on one page? I found myself wanting to do this with earlier rehabbers’ work.

And of course, it might not often work but getting us together that day was a master stroke – really gave the round a kick on, I thought, an added dose of community.

Not a suggestion but: I also liked it that you were quite intensely part of an online world, but for a circumscribed time: one month seems a good length.

I’d certainly do it again! Great to see the next buncha profiles up! Big tips of hats to my fellow rehabbers: class of Feb 2008, I salute you! All of you, please contribute to Tango8. And a bow to you, Amber, it’s a fine fine idea. And it works!



2 Responses to “Rehab Exit Interview: Bernard Caleo”

  1. Amberrrr Says:

    Thanks for the nice words Bernard.

    Re: calling up an individual artist’s work, you can do this by clicking on the tag of the artist’s name. For example, a link to all your posts is:

    Unfortunately this depends on the poster being diligent about tags. The way the results are displayed isn’t great either. I’d love to have a second layer of categories that are all artist names… I’m working on it.

    Oh and FYI, once an artist ‘graduates’ from the program you can see their name on the alumni list on the front page, and that links to all their work using the same method.

    About to update the almuni now!

  2. Steven Caleo Says:

    I didnt know there was another Bernard Caleo
    who died 5 yrs ago
    I am his son so I would like 2 know who this is

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