Artist Introduction: Sam Twyford-Moore



Though Sam Twyford-Moore (as Heath Ledger) may look healthy and normal in the above, he is not well. He is a sick, sick man. He will drink your milkshake. He’ll drink it up. He’ll beat you to death in a bowling alley. He believes, for some reason, that he is a young writer of some standing. This is not completely untrue. His writing has appeared in The Big Issue and the street press publication The Brag in Sydney. In 2006 he had a memoir published in the Rock N’ Roll issue of Meanjin, All Yesterday’s Parties. He has featured in the UTS anthology ‘What You Do and Don’t Want’. His comic projects are less frequent. He published two comics in 2005, ‘Troubled Holmes’ and ‘October 2005’, but has not printed another comic since. He is currently working on a narrative art adaptation of Nietzsche’s ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’, an idea he stole from his good friend and comics legend Leigh Rigozzi. He hopes comic rehab will result in a new comic work to be published mid 2008 under his own printing imprint, Lost and Found Books. He is also editing a 2008 literary anthology, New Australian Voices, to be published in early 2009, hopefully with the help of Penguin books. Fingers crossed people!



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