Artist Introduction: Adam Ford



I write a lot of different things: short stories, poems, novels and comics too. I’ve made the odd minicomic over the years, and i did a weekly webcomic called The Godlings for Popimage for about a year (the same strip also appeared in my novel, Man Bites Dog). I review comics on RRR, too.

More recently I’ve had some comics accepted for publication in a few anthologies. It’s all part of this vague plan I have to try to take writing comics a bit more seriously – to try to explore the possibility of becoming something resembling a professional comic writer (whatever that means). Of late there’s been a lot more talk than actual writing, so Comic Rehab is a nice way to commit to making some new things and also to step out of my comfort zone.

I’m thinking of maybe working with pens for this, rather than my usual computer-drawn stick figures, but I’ll reserve the right to reneg on that half-promise whenever things get too hard.

I have two websites. One is called Monkey Punch Dinosaur and one isn’t.

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