Rehab at Sticky


I’ve heard several reports that the rehab drawing session at Sticky was heaps of fun! Sadly I couldn’t find the right dose of diazepam and consequently wasn’t able to make it onto the plane. Next time I think I should ask to be put into a medically-induced coma!

Here are MPF’s minutes and pics:

t’was a hot n muggy day in campbell arcade
i was there at 12:05 chattin w/ luke over juice
Michael Hawkins(swordholder n pal from Tas) was there at 12:15


Clint was there soon after and I finished my panels(up now) at 12:45


Bernard,Alice, Cass,Clint, Michael and I were all drawing away by 1


photos by sticky and letter writing out front with visitors crowded us in=fun!


by 2 i was across mall at pals record shop and up at Hells kitchen by 3
on return there were too many questions about the project i couldnt answer…
(“can anyone draw” “why is it called rehab” “what will the zine be like?” etc)
missed a friend and got new providence comic anthology ‘dragomen’ and
was given a couple, in particular Tim Molloys newie ‘Under the bed’
(look for this one).
Tim and I then started some exquisite corpses and bernard and family left
as his buddy john continued to ask questions and take notes.
Nick Potter and I started some more ‘corpses’ and Carl Von Burger came
to collect my 6 page thread for his ‘choose yer adventure’ comic
Jo Waite came along with her cousin, just as Cassandra left.
Alice left soon after and I realised we had forgotten the zine production…
I left at 4:30 and saw only a handful of images on the table (and 3
exquisite corpses)
so hopefully there are a few things for whoever is preppin up the ziney thing
otherwise – fun was had by all and the shop hung my posters for TRAILS
proudly in the window. yes.

Sounds so great. Thanks for the minutes Michael – much appreciated! Do you know I’ve never even *been* to Sticky? So sad.

Thrilled to hear it was fun though! If you went, or couldn’t make it, feel free to leave comments about the event in the, err, comments!



6 Responses to “Rehab at Sticky”

  1. Bernard Says:

    Yah, great record of the event Mister Fikaris: so lifelike it’s almost like vinyl, almost like being there, which, heck, I was. And yes, ’twas tres tres bien to be there with the other current rehabbers, to see a graduate in Clint (sings: “Whaaat a graduate we haaave in Cliiiint”) and to have that great art/comic talk flingin’ across the table… Collaborated with son Joseph on a page, which may well be my next rehab post, then my family started to implode, so we decamped up into the baking heat of Flinders Street and staggered amongst the Sustainability Festival at Federation Square.

    Now it’s an unfair comparison of course, and of COURSE the planet needs saving etcetera but blimey so much more FUN, so much more MAKING STUFF was going on down in that one dark underground cavern of Sticky than in all those tryin’-ta-sell-ya-ways-ta-assuage-ya-first-world-guilt bright-white tents.

    Sticky! Sticky! rah rah rah!

  2. John Weeks Says:

    I’ve re-posted Michael’s notes on Comics Lifestyle. Go team!
    FYI, there are others out there who have taken up the banner and run with it…

  3. Cassandra Says:

    Yes Bernard, I think you must include your collaborations with Joseph! I was so excited by his passion for Leggo, recounting the start of Indiana Jones without having seen the film. I feel I need to add a fifth panel to my original one about having kids, and draw about the wonder and imagination that they can inspire. Yay to Sticky and the inspiration gleaned from sitting around a table with others and getting inspired.

  4. John Retallick Says:

    twas a lovely day under the ground. Geat to sit in the midst and mingle minds with youse folks.

    Well done to you Amber for creating the nexus for it all and to sticky for being well supplied on the fruit juice front.

    It warmed my little comic correspondent heart.

  5. Alice Mrongovius Says:

    lots of fun… i have some drawings from the day which i forgot to leave there. who should I send them to?

  6. lu Says:

    oh i can’t believe i missed this!! there’s been so many great events on at sticky this month…

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