Round Four: Day Thirteen




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10 Responses to “Round Four: Day Thirteen”

  1. fikaris Says:

    I been doin these pretty quick and only now realise they havn’t got the same quality. I mean, doin’ em any size, some greyscale and others not, etc. Well, for what it’s worth – just want the reader toknow yo. mpf

  2. Miss Helen Says:

    You’re doing well buddy! We’re all here for you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. comicrehab Says:

    Your drawing is so awesome mr mpf. I’m *yearning* for a story.

  4. tim zombo Says:

    thats definately the line weight and the grey for it.

    i never feel like i get it right, text to fine to be read off the screen, trying to squeeze abit more in. always a fine balance.

    seeing it on the screen is like getting something back from the printers… “is that how it turned out?”

  5. Q ray Says:


  6. Anthony Woodward Says:

    Looking good Michael

  7. Mrtang Says:

    Your drawings are so elegant.

  8. Alice Mrongovius Says:

    love this one… pushing the boundaries of 4 panels too. see you saturday.

  9. John Retallick Says:

    this is lovely and poetic.

    sorry to point out but do you mean ‘whether’?

  10. fikaris Says:

    thanks youz

    JR: yeh ‘whether’
    Tim:I dunno, just turned out thet way in half an hour y’know x
    Ambs: just wait – metaphore ensues..
    Al:c u satdee, have pressies too x

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