Round Four: Day Eight








9 Responses to “Round Four: Day Eight”

  1. Bernard Says:


    great stuff! Very funny and…life-like, for want of a better word. The sense of, the mistakes (or gaffes I guess) that one makes actually BEING one’s life, and not discarded drafts to be edited out. Lovely.


  2. Miss Helen Says:

    I love this one very much. I like the way you draw faces, too!

  3. tim zombo Says:

    i’m liking the photographed side of it. Like this posting has a square shadow in them like a lurking quality. Some weird added depth to the comics beyond black & white scanned line work.

    jeeez this makes it sound like i’m not even reading the comic but i am and having a laugh and liking the cassandra art but maaaannn…..

    …..compelled by the shadow. an itch i can’t quite scratch and keep coming back to thinking about how could i use it for something, somehow. Theres more of a distance to it, like its under glass. The last panel with everyone lined up…
    …its like a zombie artefact.

    I hope you don’t take that the wrong way cassandra cause i really like it and i hope you don’t change the way you are taking the photos of the comics.

  4. John Weeks Says:

    People take comfort in their own culture even if it’s shared by individuals they might not jump to meet back home. And then due to whatever it is you DO, you meet a curious assemblage of individuals, both local and foreign. Better than same old same old.

    Tim: don’t even get me *started* on zombies. (Will Smith made a zombie movie. What does that indicate about mainstream culture?)

  5. Emily Says:

    Love this. Have had that feeling (experience) of the last panel many many times.

  6. Cassandra Says:

    Tim, I’m basically getting these things in any way how. So happy ‘poetry’ has happened in the process. The shadow thing was killing me a little, but after your comments I’m not so troubled. I’ve used a different digital camera each time, as I have neither scanner or camera.

  7. Q ray Says:

    That’s funny. But it feels a little lonley. That’s not a critisim by the way.

  8. tim zombo Says:

    i like happy accidents… finding things out by accident, glad you could be less troubled.

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