Round Four: Day 5





7 Responses to “Round Four: Day 5”

  1. comicrehab Says:

    It has been 14 months since my last comic.

  2. Q ray Says:

    Man. That is so cool.

  3. John Retallick Says:

    I love the fun and hope in this. And the fact that art is a power people need to grab with both hands.

  4. Amberrrr Says:

    nice work mistah. now the drought has broken!

  5. Miss Helen Says:

    Me likey, and I’m wearing my serious artist beret.

  6. tim zombo Says:

    are thr fresh ideas wearing ‘dunces’ caps? i kinda read that fresh ideas are thought of as stoopid at first….

    is there a drought.

    i like things, i like comics by my friends cause i haven’t seen what they do for ages (this round is everyone i know personally kinda, which is ace).

    having fun looking over what i missed too…

    buzz buzz activitet kimok!!!

  7. Emily Says:

    I love this! Fresh ideas and go.

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