Round Four: Day Four


Big Baby

The perspective is a little warped because I took photos of the images rather than using a scanner.







4 Responses to “Round Four: Day Four”

  1. Emily Says:

    As someone who is due in two weeks, I totally love this comic. It taps into this sensation I feel of having one foot in pre-baby world (looking over at all the strangeness) and one in the other (little glimpses of the magnitude). Lovely.

  2. John Weeks Says:

    Yay go Cass! Digital photos usually can work in a pinch. When traveling it’s a big help.

    My friends are widely spread by age, so I’ve never really had an existential crisis about whether I should have kids. However, Cambodian culture pretty much expects (if not demands) you to have children.

  3. Amberrrr Says:

    So great to see one of your comics again Cassandra! Love it! And looking forward to more!

  4. comicrehab Says:

    good ta see ya style again – likesley

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