Round Four: Day Three


Hermann Flaneur in:


Hullo there, readers and fellow rehabbers. Backstory to this strip: it’s an account of a few things that happened to me yesterday, Friday the first of February, when I went into the city to pick up Rufus Wainwright tickets for my wife of extreme loveliness, Susan, and a friend of ours, Philip (also lovely). I drew the strip tonight, Saturday night, while they were at the concert and I was at work, and was very tempted to make the last panel into what happened at the end of Friday night, which was a celebratory dinner for the Bee Circus which has just finished at Melbourne Museum, where Susan and I both work. But no amount of shoe-horning seemed to make it fit. So instead we have the omnibus panel, with lettering on its side that I have actually seen on a bus in Melbourne. Good to be started – see you in 4 days!

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5 Responses to “Round Four: Day Three”

  1. John Retallick Says:

    Has Speigelman been asked permission for that second panel? Theres a lovely lushness to the suit by the way. And you draw feet way better than Leifeld!

    I’ve had similar thoughts about that hat emporium myself.


  2. Amberrrr Says:

    Ha! This is just lovely. Your drawing is so fluid and the autobio works so well. Lovely to see you here in rehab Bernard.

  3. John Weeks Says:

    Hmm… nib pen?

  4. Ive Says:

    I’m really happy with the names in this round of rehab!
    Great strip, I always get a kick out of seeing familiar Melbourne sights in comics.

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    […] “Meanwhile, Elsewhere“: although I do like it quite a lot, it’s a bit overstuffed with horsehair. It’s been very instructive reading the amount of air, of openness, in Alice’s strips and the degree of perspective-on-self humour in Cassandra’s. […]

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