Round Four: Day Two




5 Responses to “Round Four: Day Two”

  1. comicrehab Says:

    Alice, I’ve had that thought occur many a time. I think, ahh, it’s going to rain, I’ll go by public, and then, urgh, next thing I know I’m packed in with a lot of other sardine impersonators.

    And dreaming of being on my bike.

    Have a good rehab,


  2. Q ray Says:

    Whats on your ceiling?

  3. John Retallick Says:

    The boiling kettle is beautiful. Poetic, balletic.

    Looking forward to more moments of hmmmm…

  4. Alice Mrongovius Says:

    q ray>> I’m still trying to work it out – but somehow I find myself most mornings staring at my ceiling… (which for your information is white with a victorian light rosette). I also like blank walls with venetian blind shadows on them.

  5. Amberrrr Says:

    I thought first panel girl was, ummm, you know…. enjoying her own company. I can’t see her other hand! But now, after reading the comments, I can accept that she may be looking at the rosette.

    Lovely to have you here Alice – your drawing is super!

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