Round Four: Meet the Artists


Welcome to Round Four of Comic Artist Rehab. This round of Comic Artist Rehab is slightly different to previous rounds as it is being held as part of Sticky’s Festival of the Photocopier!


The first difference is that all of the artists participating in this round are based in Melbourne. This is enabling us to hold a live drawing session as part of February rehab. The drawing session will happen at Sticky on February 16 from 12 noon. If you’re in Melbourne please mark this date in your diary or write it on your arm in permanent ink – it will be great fun and everyone is welcome!

Another exciting difference is that all the comics (and commentary and comments) from this round will be collected into a print zine which is being sponsored by the festival. Thanks to Sticky for making this possible!

In addition to all of this there will, of course, be all the daily action that takes place here on this blog!

Participating in this round will be:

Stick around (every day in February) to see how this latest batch of intrepid artists cope with the pressures of rehab!

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