Artist Introduction: Bernard Caleo



I have been part of the talking team on a radio show called ‘The Comic Spot’ on 3CR, a Melbourne Community Radio station, which has had 6 weekly installments over the 2007/2008 summer. On this show, with co-hosts John Retallick (seasoned comics journo) and Jo Waite (ridiculously talented comic book maker/cartooniste), we have been considering the quite remarkable year that 2007 was for Australian comics and graphic novels, or, as we’ve started to call them, ‘book comics’. All of which has reminded me that work on my own online book comic, ‘I Knew Him’, 32 pages of which I put up last year (viewable at, has sorta stalled. Part of the stall is attributable to the time spent working on ‘Tango7: Love and Sedition’, the latest issue of the semi-annual romance comics anthology that I edit and put together, as well as working on ‘Aggressively Strange Fables’, an exhibition of Melbourne underground comics and animation (curated by the aforesaid Ms Waite), that was part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2007. However, it’s now time to return to ‘I Knew Him’ and as everybody knows, making comics breeds the making of even more comics, so rehab is for me. Also, the prospect of working on what amounts to comic strips: little 4-panellers, really appeals. So let’s go!



3 Responses to “Artist Introduction: Bernard Caleo”

  1. John Retallick Says:

    More ‘I knew him’ Yay!!

    Kick their collectives BC!

    he he he

  2. Round Four: Meet the Artists « Comic Artist Rehab Says:

    […] Bernard Caleo […]

  3. Miss Kylie Purr Says:

    Oh! I love TAngo and have a delicious A3 screenprinted lookin’ issue. And I loved Yell and Ole too. sigh.

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