Round Three : Day Twentyone


I needed Amber to remind me to comic today. Here is a photo of the chicken in question, surely you can see the likeness.
I am little angry at self for not trying to get past the classic Miss H style of high text to illustration ratio. I like words too much!
Also, I had my next few comics all planned out but I’ve come over ill again, and in my invaliddy state, I have not felt the flowerpot world joy.



6 Responses to “Round Three : Day Twentyone”

  1. Ive Says:

    I’m just glad to see any comics from you! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Mrtang Says:

    I’m not really an animal person but that dog is too cute!

  3. Candace Says:

    I hope you feel better Helen. It’s nice seeing new stuff from you in any case. I actually like the wordy style (it’s obvious I’m partial to zines more than comics…)

    My mum has chickens. they make me so glad/smug with my vegetarianism ;p

  4. John Weeks Says:

    “Come over to my house tasty chicken.” Or dog.

  5. spycore dot net Says:

    […] to take with! 2. This chicken kept escaping from the yard, which set me off on a meat eating crisis( documented here in comic form). 3. Tutored a knitting class with some really awesome kids at the Penrith Regional Gallery and we […]

  6. Doug Jennings Says:

    I like that you linked to a photo of the chicken as well. Fun cartoon!

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