Round Three: Day Twenty


Co-Worker Conversation

Sophal, (you) have (a) girlfriend?
No, no…


Sophal, (you) have (a) girlfriend?
No, no…


Sophal, (you) have (a) girlfriend?
No, no…


Sophal, (you) have (a) girlfriend?
Yes! (And you will join the wedding next week!!)


4 Responses to “Round Three: Day Twenty”

  1. John Weeks Says:

    Two down.

    Young Khmer folks often won’t ‘fess up to having a boyfriend/girlfriend (to the general public, anyway) until the engagement is sealed and the wedding invitations are printed up. If you’re sharing a home with them though it’s a lot easier to spot the signs.

    Note that this says ‘co-worker’ conversation. If he was a close friend he might be crying into his soup and telling me his family has plans to marry him off.

  2. Amberrrr Says:

    Ah I love this! Well done. I think it’s cool how you’ve used the same faces and changed the clothes, meals etc. But I totally think you should be using chopsticks dude!

    On a different note, are you left-handed?

  3. Miss Helen Says:

    Aww, man, I thought you were hitting on him at first.
    Yeah, are you left handed, John? I am! I really liked the shirts changing, too.

  4. John Weeks Says:

    We use chopsticks *and* knives and forks here. We’ve got more options than in the West!

    I think maybe I should put a calendar on the wall behind them, to show the time element more clearly, which should be several months. I wrote it in ad hoc phonetic Khmer because nearly any local/foreign web user in Cambodia knows enough Western script to decipher this.

    I’m right handed by default but fairly ambidextrous; straight, but not narrow minded.

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