Rehab News


The February 2008 round of Comic Artist Rehab will feature an all-Melbourne cast in celebration of Sticky’s Festival of the Photocopier. Participating artist’s will hold an in-store drawing session at Sticky and a rehab zine anthology will be produced to celebrate the occasion.

Who’s up for it? Please email me if you’re interested or if you know someone who is.

And please spread the word. Thanks!


8 Responses to “Rehab News”

  1. John Weeks Says:

    You could have a flyer posted at Sticky…

  2. general braddock Says:

    Well I for one and looking forward to killing the photocopier here

    Is there a set date on this yet Amber?

  3. Amberrrr Says:

    Mr Braddock. You are locked in as a participant for February – need others though!

    Rehab will be running from Feb 1 as per usual. The drawing session at Sticky will take place on one Saturday… I’m thinking Feb 16 as that seems to be the *tricky* time for participants so a group drawing session at that time could be very encouraging. If that date is a problem for you please let me know.

    I’ll be sending you all the details at the end of Jan. Yee Hah! It’ll be great!

  4. Emily Says:

    What a cool idea. Makes me wish I were a comic artist. And that I lived in Melbourne.

  5. general braddock Says:

    heya Amber
    we have TRAILS( drawing night tonight
    so i will try to get a few more to sign up
    there is a stall thing there on sat.9th…
    will be crowded but – will get back to ya soon

    ps – will make a flyer tonight (werd John)
    and even ask people to sign up ON it…
    blah blah
    kiss kiss

  6. general braddock Says:



  7. Amberrrr Says:

    General. Thanks so much for this! I should let you know though that we now have a full house for Feb (melbin) rehab. Participants announced shortly. But everyone is welcome to show up for a rehab drawing session at Sticky on Feb 16 from 12 noon.

  8. general braddock Says:

    okay dokey
    i keep it on the hush hush then eh

    lookin’ forward to it ‘n all

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