Round Three : Day Seventeen


Edit: Here is my rush job in the name of round 3 solidarity.
I'm going to kick your arse

Original Entry:
I’m sorry, I’m too depressed to comic. I am sure I will recover, alas, all I can muster up right now is some bad teen angst poetry.

I hope that in the face of adversity
I do not turn rotten
I’m going to sit on the town hall steps
and wonder where has gone




10 Responses to “Round Three : Day Seventeen”

  1. comicrehab Says:

    Oh Miss Helen. I’m sorry you’re sad and I’m guessing that I know why.

    Draw a comic about your disappointment my friend. It can be surprisingly therapeutic!

  2. Amberrrr Says:

    Oh, and that was me btw. still logged in… whoops!

  3. Miss Helen Says:

    You’re right, Ambs. I’m uploading one now.

  4. Amberrrr Says:

    Oh this is so great but I have a natural predilection towards angsty autobio. Can you tell? I especially heart the graph in the first panel. Reminds me of the graph that Mandy and I did in Brick Dog (worries and fears plotted on a graph) which I still really like! It’s got discipline too – love the weight-lifting. Go Helen. You will indeed kick this year’s ass yet!

  5. John Weeks Says:

    Yay! Glad you got it drawn & sorted.
    It’s a little scary to think we we’ve been doing autobio zines and comics since before ’emo’ was a commonly acknowledged adjective (and rapidly becoming a pejorative). Better to do something sincere than meticulous any day of the week.

  6. Candace Says:

    This is really sweet and nice, Helen. Comics soothe the soul 🙂 I hope you’re going ok. xo

  7. Miss Helen Says:

    Thankyou friends!
    The first panel is totally a reference/rip off to the little golden book of angst cover.
    I also think totally letting go for an afternoon/day requires a lot of discipline, it takes courage to hit the depths of lows and get back up again. Yay!
    I used to love the emotional/autobiographical comics/writing style, but then I became an adult and teen angst stopped being fun and started being diseasey and something I couldn’t rid myself of. I hope that now I’ve been reeducated with cognitive behavioural therapy and can deal with such things better, I’ll eventually make my way back there. But for the now, I do quite enjoy basking in imaginary worlds where nothing ever goes wrong!
    Candace: I’m doing ok, thanks! I wish to visit you, but I quit my job! I’m waaaana melbourne trip sooo badly!!
    xoxoxoxo Miss Helen, the original angsty emo teen- grown up.

  8. Mrtang Says:

    When life gets you down, eat more lychees! It’s scientific!

  9. Miss Helen Says:

    Lychees really are the best gift for any occasion! It was so beautiful to be given a bag to devour at my leisure, more beautiful that the most expensive or beautifully wrapped gift.

  10. Candace Says:

    I’m glad, but sad you can’t visit. I want to visit lovely Sydney. This is the first summer I’ve missed in two years, and it feels wrong. was it an unhelpful job?

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