Round Three: Day Nine


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Oh, the mystery. Is flowerpot girl up to nefarious activities? Is she merely hiding a ruined meal or a stray pair of underwear? Call me the juicy dangler.
I was, again, struggling to get this done on time. Here are things I’m going to work on: getting ideas ready well before it’s my day to draw, respecting the edges of the page and the frame(I can’t get out of the frame of mind of me in high school, publishing zines and trying to get the most out of my 20c per a4 page! It’s dreadful), thinking more about how the comic reads. Yeehaw!



7 Responses to “Round Three: Day Nine”

  1. Ive Says:

    I love Sheriff Birdy!

  2. Vanessa Berry Says:

    I want to live in a flowerpot!

  3. Miss Helen Says:

    Thanks Iva! Sherrif Birdy is a duck! I had an argument with someone who thought he was a chicken. Clearly he is a duck, with his round bill and webbed feet!
    One day, Vanessa, one day!

  4. Miss Helen Says:

    Oops, sorry Ive. I got overexcited and typo-ed.

  5. jade Says:

    lovely work miss helen i love the cheeky flower pot girl =)

  6. Skimma (Sarah B) Says:

    I love this!!! The birdy sheriff is so cute! He reminds me of Detective Inspector Thomas T. Cat who is a creation of mine! They wear similar hats. I wonder how they’d get along if they met!

  7. Rehab Exit Interview: Miss Helen « Comic Artist Rehab Says:

    […] Day Nine. I’m so obsessed with the inside of flowerpot girl’s house. […]

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