Round Three: Day Six



Okay, here’s my second ‘rehab’ strip…. I guess it’s a bit depressing…. Finding a dead dolphin is kind of weird though … kind of like finding a dead horse… but not as big… and with no legs or hair…


4 Responses to “Round Three: Day Six”

  1. John Weeks Says:

    Don’t know why, but people really identify with dolphins.
    Keep going Ross, on the Mystery Train to Brain Bank there will doubtless be the sacred, the profane, and much more.

  2. Q ray Says:

    I was driving a 4WD around the Cape York penisula. We were miles from nowhere heading towards a remote community, late at night, on a rough bush track under a full moon. I stopped when I saw a bloated horse’s carcas laying across the road. Cane toads were perched on it’s body as if they’d killed it.

  3. Miss Helen Says:

    I like the dots and lines on the dolphin a lot. I found myself thinking too much about it rotting. Am I psycho?

  4. John Weeks Says:

    A. No. B. Stippling is the new black.

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