Round Three: Day Three


Day Three
I was going to do this as a nib drawing, but then I realised how poorly that would read on a computer screen, so instead it is ink wash and a Ball Pental R50. I’d be interested to know if folk think this size works or if it is too big.


8 Responses to “Round Three: Day Three”

  1. navan.ghee Says:

    It looks quite lovely. I’d recommend following this course.

  2. navan.ghee Says:

    (by which I mean the scale accentuates the storytelling)

  3. Ive Says:

    I love it at the size it is. Great work on the inkwash too.

  4. rossradiation Says:

    very nice work, the drawings look great and the design is perfect

  5. andrew Says:

    i think it’s great. Not sure what stopped you from using a nib pen, I would have thought it would read fine at that size?

  6. Q ray Says:

    That’s beautiful

  7. Amberrrr Says:

    The wash gives it a lovely feel.

  8. John Weeks Says:

    Simple and clear. Nice. I’ve always felt black, white and grey is the way to go. And wash doesn’t futz up a scanner.

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