Round Three: Day One


Cop Out
My name is Miss Helen and although I’m a zine maker, I like to think that comics and zines are like peas and carrots although if you’re a purist, I apologise that my ratio of words to pictures may be quite high.
Despite feeling quite ill indeed while I drew this, I am thinking a lot about scale. How big do people generally draw their comics? This was on a A5 page, and I felt kind of restricted. I always want my pens to be finer, though I used a uni ball micro, I had some issues with ink and paper, I think it is because I’m using a cheapo sketchbook? Do these things matter? Am I being the art version of a hypochondriac? I never went to art school! *tear*
Well, here’s to the new year!


6 Responses to “Round Three: Day One”

  1. Ross Says:

    Hi Helen,
    hope you are feeling better, probably not the best way to spend New Years Day on the crapper… I feel awful myself [self-inflicted] which is probably why I opted to start this whole process on any day other than Jan 01 … A5 is a pretty small space to work with, I will not be attempting to draw anything smaller than A4 personally….

  2. hank Says:

    Hi Miss H.

    That reminds me of my New Year’s Day morning. Illest in a very long time. I still feel awful.

    I met you once at a Halloween party. I was a priest. Not dressed as one, but I actually was a priest at the time.

    Ross is a funny one, New Year’s Day is special for him. Every other day he is happy to spend on the crapper.

  3. Miss Helen Says:

    Thanks Ross, I think I also met you once at the Emu Cafe at a zine meet organised by Kylie or Phil? I was quiet back then and probably didn’t say much. I’m going to try my next comic on A4, methinks. Thankyou!
    Oh, Hank, you’re a friend of Kris or Mr Snook, yes? That was the year I discovered passion pop! I hope everyone is feeling better by now. xoxoo

  4. Amberrrr Says:

    So sorry about the bad nye.. I once flew from Syd to Melb on Dec 31. Had to take sedatives to fly on plane of course. Ended up getting *food poisoning* on the flight and spent nye SO ill. So horribly ill. Next morning I woke up to find that one of my dogs (pix) had opened my container of sedatives and taken an overdose! (I am serious – we still don’t know if it was deliberate). Had to rush him to the vet and they pumped his stomach while I continued to vomit into a bin in the waiting room. Ahhh, such great memories. No wonder I don’t fly anymore.

  5. jade Says:

    hugs for miss helen your comic is sweet, life is like that sometimes cant always be flowerpots and happiness…

  6. stikman Says:

    i hope you’re feeling better, miss helen!


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