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Round Two: Day Twenty Seven

December 27, 2007

I did this page to slip in into the middle of a story I started at the beginning of the year and has become the longest and most convoluted thing I’ve ever done. It starts around here.


Round Two: Day Twenty Six

December 26, 2007

enter the mummy, last day.

I moved down a state, got all of my stuff in storage, and am borrowing a friends computer. MSpaint is quite the program if you have no other choice. I am planning on updating my website in a similar fashion to what I was doing here, so for those that care, come and see me.

Round Two: Day Twenty Five

December 25, 2007

Added February 2008:


Round Two: Day Twenty Four

December 24, 2007

Im posting this in Devonport Tassie at the local library. These dreams are a little old but I put them down in my sketchbook the night I had them so they’re very close to the actual dreams. I had a lot like this but these two were the most vivid. This one is probably a bit one-sided but its my sub-conscious feelings at the time, rising to the surface.

Round Two: Day Twenty Three

December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas everybody!

Round Two: Day Twenty Two

December 22, 2007


Obviously the most important part is to put the skull in someone elses grave at night and then leave. so step 2. I guess. I am moving states again, back down to California from the Great Northwestern state of Oregon. 14 hour car trips are just the bees knees.

**edit** made it from Portland to Visalia in 14 hours flat. go me. back to the real deal.

Round Two: Day Twenty One

December 21, 2007

Added February 2008


Round Two: Day Twenty

December 19, 2007

sleep4.jpgWhat can I say? This is an old dream. I went through a stage where I had these very vivid nightmares and slept very little. I tried drinking myself to sleep but it didn’t really work. Anyway, I don’t have them anymore and sleep fairly well. There’s a bit of a Windsor Mackaye reference.

Round Two: Day Nineteen

December 19, 2007

This is the closest I have come to completely forgetting to update.

Round Two: Day Eighteen

December 18, 2007

a story comes out

somehow, and without trying a story has occurred to me. Indeed it even utilizes stuff I have done in the past. But since no one has any idea who I am (google-ing my name gives you nothing in return.) it doesn’t matter to anyone but me. so take that world.