Artist Introduction: Miss Helen



I’m 26 and I’ve been writing zines and drawing and photocopying for over 11 years. After being featured in Spectrum and debuting as a feature artist at the Penrith regional gallery, I’m finding the non existent pressure of a return to what I love best (ie. self publishing) a little overwhelming and have been spending far too much time on the internet faffing about, obsessing over things that I need not and buying superfluous and various plastic things over the internet, or eating christmas/new years leftovers. The only times I can bring myself to do actual creative things is either when I’m visiting my friend Vanessa’s house, or when I’ve got an objective in mind.

So I’m hoping the pressure of performance drawing (ha!) and support will inspire me to get off my internets and get into the sketch pad. Or something. Also I’m hoping the whole “blogging on a regular basis” thing will rub off on me, since mine is somewhat neglected


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