Rehab Exit Interview: Tim Danko


1. Briefly describe your experience at comic artist rehab:

Extreme highs and desperate lows as i felt myself stripped back to the very core of existence before heading out to rejoin my drugged life again…. sorry that was Lohans rehab. Until technical and physical difficulties threw me out of whack it was very pleasant and exhilirating to see what came out without planning or foresight under four day deadlines. Rythmic utopia.

2. What, if anything, did you learn from the program?

That i could make the deadline but to always have a safety back up. Trust my own inner resources to create.

3. Which one of your own comics are you most pleased with and why?

I think around four five six the comics hit to the meat of something, early on they were a bit thin and then last round finally too complex. this will change with further distance and i can fully ‘get’ what really came out in the comics.

4. Which one of your own comics are you least pleased with and why?

My last one felt unsatisfying to me. Maybe i hit the conclusion too early.

5. Do you hope to keep up drawing comics after rehab? If so, how often.

I draw comics every day anyway. Most of the source for my rehab strips were from one of my daily books. I set up a structure for the book i am drawing in to allow it to be like free diving. The book i used for rehab is limited to black blue and white.

6. Any suggestions for future rounds?

God like interference in the personal lives of rehabbers by the moderators. Removal of all contact with the outside world for all rehabbers and a strict regime of menial daily chores.



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