Round Two: Day Twenty


sleep4.jpgWhat can I say? This is an old dream. I went through a stage where I had these very vivid nightmares and slept very little. I tried drinking myself to sleep but it didn’t really work. Anyway, I don’t have them anymore and sleep fairly well. There’s a bit of a Windsor Mackaye reference.



2 Responses to “Round Two: Day Twenty”

  1. adam Says:

    hey rarebit fiend! did you see there’s a new collection of Dream of the Rarebit Fiend out? I only never read them before – heard of it because of the cafe in Hicksville, but that was it. I really like them! much more than little nemo.

    sad dream clint. sad dream.

  2. Ive Says:

    I love this! I really got the sense of pants shitting panic before the final panel.

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