Round Two: Day Twelve


I thought this was going to wear me down but Im really getting into it. It’s good therapy and reminds me of what I really like to do. I had a couple days of sweating, thinking I’m out of ideas, then on the third night, about 3 in the morning, they came flowing out. All except one.Laugh


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2 Responses to “Round Two: Day Twelve”

  1. tim zombo Says:

    ha ha… i don’t know why as a dad that seems even funnier to me. Its an urban kenny rogers song. excellent!!!

    I’m glad you’re feeling that way about the schedule… i thought before this that i would never be able to pump out a weekly strip like those ‘real’ newspaper cartoonists. now it seems like a piece o’ piss! What are they complaining about?

    I guess the real test is to do it for twenty years. I think i’d just change the word balloons, like ‘tumbleweeds’ guy did.

  2. Q ray Says:

    I still don’t know why we both laughed at the same time. I wasn’t trying to be funny.

    “Tumbleweeds” man those characters were ugly.

    OK. So I think all of these ccomix are going to be from the last coupla years.

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